There was a time when I thought being silent was the best and safest way to live. When I started to write, it was to break a silence and to try to develop, hear, and believe in my voice. I’m still working at it, as a soon-to-be second semester sophomore.  But I’ve decided on my majors, and I have to commit to thinking that my voice can be loud enough to be heard.

Thinking that your writing is worth being seen is something I know many people have trouble with, but that’s my reason for both writing and my nervousness over publishing. Believing in your writing at all is something that comes with practice, I hope, and this is where I want to work that muscle. Along with posting my poetry and prose, I will post opinion pieces, playlists, guest posts, and your run of the mill, self-involved-college-student blog posts.

One of the best things that has ever been said to me was To heal, you have to talk about it.
This doesn’t just apply to trauma; everyone needs to heal, just from breathing and interacting.
These are my efforts to scar over, to be less wound and more open.

Torii Savannah



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