adulthoodI haven’t been very active on here lately because my life has been going full-throttle. Back at Wesleyan and going through the drop/add process is as usual equally amazing and trying. I’ve also had a lot of new real-life things happening! Super intimidating, but also rewarding.

To celebrate my 20th birthday and the start of my last semester as an underclassman, I’ve decided to look at all the things that make me feel like I have some semblance of an adult life:

  • turning 2 decades old
  • buying a four piece luggage set and a black silk robe with my birthday money
  • becoming an editorial intern for HelloFlo
  • taking phone calls from people that run serious websites and are incredibly inspiring entrepreneurs, and realizing they aren’t that intimidating
  • going on a date that starts at a local coffee house that ends at a really nice restaurant, because you’re at dating age where people ask you about your job and what you want to do with your life
  • actually knowing the answer when people ask you what you want to do with your life
  • the realization that I’m over halfway done with the requirements for one of my majors
  • my GPA has gone up again and hopefully will never be as low as my first year
  • dying my hair because I get to make these choices and I want to spice things up~
  • opening up my own savings account tertiary to my checking, instead of using the one my grand parents set up for me circa 1996
  • having my own personal blog that ISN’T the tumblr you’ve had for years
  • having a real gym regimen that means I WAKE UP AT 7AM?????
  • realizing that returning to Mississippi this winter break was “visiting family” not “returning home”

Here’s to hoping that this list gets longer and easier to handle! Now time to go write this week’s post for my HelloFlo internship and read The Illiad for my Epic Traditions class.

~Torii Savannah



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