PSA: My Personal Safety Announcement

“You’re never anywhere anymore!”                     “I never see you or hear from you!”
“I feel like I never hear from you, I don’t know anything going on with you anymore.” 

I’m not dead, guys. I know I’ve been posting less and less on my personal blogs, and even around campus, with certain friends, I’ve been told that I’m never around. But here’s the thing: if you look, I’m actually everywhere.

A lot of my friends have been saying they don’t hear about the things that happen in my life. The thing is, I check their gcals and I ask them questions, I text them randomly and make plans to do work together (because I don’t have time for anything else). I can’t always be making the effort, and honestly sometimes I even forget the things I’ve been accomplishing lately. It’s because every time I finish one thing, there are still at least ten others waiting to be checked off my (very detailed) Evernote to-do list.
Mostly, I’m always in front of my computer. On the internet, you can find literally everything I do. With GCal and twitter always open, way too many bitly links, and at least one word doc on another screen, I’m trying to conquer classes while also keeping up to date on all the woman-centric issues out there. So if you’re interested in seeing where I’ve been lately….

I write about:

So I’m not absent; you can find these bit links or hear about my life through my twitter, because I’m usually tweeting. I’m not hiding out in my dorm either; I’m stirring up problems in my school system and I’m taking five classes and I’m designing graphics for my internship.
If anyone’s looking for me around Wesleyan, my twitter handle is @yeswithtwoeyes and I’m the girl with the iced coffee attached to her laptop at the nearest cafe~

Keeping Everything Eternally Charged, 
Torii Savannah


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